App and Game development

Do you have an idea for an app or game? Maybe you have a client who does? We can design and develop apps and games for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows and Mac.

About us

Seven Point Red is a startup founded in Oct 2015.
The team has extensive experience in the games industry having developed multiple games including mobile mmos, multiplayer pc games and more.

APIs and Services

Maybe you have an app already, or maybe you are planning to develop an app internally. Seven Point Red can work alongside your team to provide all backend integration, you don't have to worry about push notifications, emails, servers, databases, scaling, CMS or admin systems, we take care of everything.

Get in touch

Feel free to drop us an email to talk about your project.

Latest Game

AQ: First Contact

Our latest game, AQ: First Contact is a fully realtime, cross platform mmo for mobile and PC.
Built using real time networking and technology including Unity and .Net Core, AQ allows up to 6 players to fight together or against each other in real time across a persistent universe no matter the quality of their internet connection, device or location.